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Last night, Phish closed out their three-night stand at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wis. The show featured a high-energy “The Landlady” opener, a tour debut of “Sugar Shack,” and the band’s first-ever run-through of Jerry Reed’s “Broken Heart Attack.”

The aforementioned “The Landlady” – a rare instrumental most commonly played as a segment within “Punch You In The Eye” – kicked Wisconsin into high gear early on Sunday night. Before giving the audience a chance to cool down, Phish immediately jumped into a short but sweet “Runaway Jim,” and then “Divided Sky.” Next was “46 Days,” which saw the tune’s iconic riff become spacey and ambient as the band began warming up their improvisational skills for the night. “46 Days” segued into “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan,” which featured a funky, layered jam and lightning-fast playing by Trey Anastasio. 

The band finally gave the audience a rest from the already face-melting first set with the tour debut of “Sugar Shack” – last played at Hersheypark in Hersey, Pa., on Aug. 10, 2021. Then, they followed with “Shade”. After “Shade” came “Halfway To The Moon” before the band jumped into a 13-minute “Everything’s Right,” which featured a climactic jam led by Anastasio to close out the first set.

The second set began with “Energy,” a fitting choice for the band’s Alpine Valley stand. “Energy” transformed into “Gotta Jibboo,” which featured masterful fretwork from Anastasio before transitioning into a climactic “Soul Planet,” with keyboardist Page McConnell laying down powerful atmospheric layers for Anastasio and bassist Mike Gordon to shine over. “Soul Planet” melted into “Rift” before the band jumped into “Reba,” which featured a tension-filled jam coupled with euphoric peaks. “Reba” ended without its signature whistling segment for the first time in the song’s last seven performances. 

After “Reba” came “Martian Monster,” which transitioned into the band’s debut of Jerry Reed’s “Broken Heart Attack” – which featured drummer Jon Fishman performing the country classic on the vacuum. “Broken Heart Attack” segued with “Hold Your Head Up,” which transitioned back into “Martian Monster” – this time featuring Fishman on marimba and Anastasio on drums. Phish then performed a high-energy “Possum,” highlighted by Anastasio’s quick and tense playing before melding with “Slave to the Traffic Light” to close out the second set.

Phish took the stage for an encore of “Waste” and “First Tube,” a fittingly energetic end to the band’s three nights at Alpine Valley. Phish will take a short break before closing their tour at Commerce City, Colo.’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, with four sold-out nights.

Scroll down to see the complete setlist from Sunday night’s concert.


Alpine Valley Music Theatre – East Troy, Wis.

Aug. 14, 2022

Set I: The Landlady, Runaway Jim > Divided Sky, 46 Days > Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Sugar Shack, Shade, Halfway to the Moon, Everything’s Right

Set II: Energy > Gotta Jibboo > Soul Planet > Rift, Reba, Martian Monster > Broken Heart Attack > Hold Your Head Up > Martian Monster, Possum > Slave to the Traffic Light

Enc.: Waste, First Tube

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