Dave Brandwein, founding member of Turkuaz, has debuted two singles from two new musical projects, Band For Sale and New Originals. After several members of Turkuaz left the band in November of last year to pursue other artistic endeavors, Brandwein made the move from New York to Los Angeles to breath new life into his artistic journey on his latest releases.

“Wasteland” is the first single from New Originals, a collaborative effort with Rob O’Block, who first worked with Brandwein in 2018, one of Turkuaz’s previous records. The track features Daru Jones, Jack White’s drummer, Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads and Turkuaz vocalist Danke, among others. The song is filled with buzzing guitars and fuzzy vocals. 

The sound of Band For Sale’s single, “The Urge,” finds Brandwein in a more stripped-down, reflective space. The upcoming album, Sleeping Sun, Waking Moon, is self-produced and mixed, granting him complete creative control as he has worked on the folk-inspired record sporadically over the last decade. The album includes collaborations from Taylor Shell, Brandwein’s fellow collaborator in Turkuaz and Train drummer, Matt Musty and Andrew Burri, formerly of Lucius. 

“I’m just discovering who I am as an adult, sober, not in a relationship or part of a band, living on my own. I’m in a period of rediscovery, which is admittedly terrifying… I am taking this as an opportunity to figure it out. Having all this music come out after this time is kind of like a purging of all these things that made me who I was before and figuring out what the next phase holds,” Brandwein said in a press release.

Listen to New Original’s first single, “Wasteland,” here. 

Listen to Band For Sale’s first single, “The Urge,” here.