Tonight, July 29, Lureto will debut their new album, A Peak From The Crow’s Nest, before they join SUSTO for SUSTO Es Muerto ft. Lureto; a set of Grateful Dead classics at The Windjammer at the Isle of Palms, S.C. The collaborative ensemble–presented by Relix–first came together at the Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion at SXSW – following the groundbreaking collaboration, the two groups felt the need to bring the project back to their shared hometown.

When first announcing the joint performance and album release in late May, SUSTO’s Justin Osborne said, “It’s been a blast collaborating with our friends in Lureto for SUSTO es Muerto. We had such a great time putting this special set together for SXSW, and it feels fitting to bring the fun back home to Charleston!”

Lureto’s Wallace Mullinax added, “The Grateful Dead’s catalog forms a significant chunk of the new great American songbook. We all have a deep respect for this music and look forward to bringing these two Charleston bands together to celebrate it.”

A Peak From The Crow’s Nest was crafted in 2020, a slow and introspective time for many musicians, and was arranged while Lureto was nestled at the cottage-style Fairweather Studio just off of Folly Beach in South Carolina during a week-long writing session.

“It was sort of a shotgun method album process, we went in, wrote the tunes at Fairweather and immediately went into recording,” shared Lureto keyboardist Ross Bogan. “It was really nice to be so gelled in place when it was time to hit record. We wanted to leave the recording very roomy to capture that vibe as much as possible, our producer Will Evans did a brilliant job.”

The eight-track project shows not only the technical skill of Lureto but also demonstrates a lot of restraint. Each track is smooth sailing, fitting for a beachside venue like the Windjammer. According to the band, during the recording process, they held the shared mantra of “don’t wake the baby,” though on “One Rip,” they did divert from that intention creating an upbeat song that was almost “too much fun” and “a great reflection of the joy [they] felt making this album.”

The show tonight marks the second time SUSTO Es Muerto ft. Lureto has ever taken place. Tickets for the event are on sale now. Find tickets here.

Read more about the Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion at SXSW here.

Listen to A Peak From The Crow’s Nest here or below.

Track List
Ode To George 
Pew Pew
Soul Shanty 
Pomaria Pt. 1 
One Rip 
Pomaria Pt. 2