Photo via Hear Here Presents

Today, Chicago-based musician Neal Francis and his band shared a tantalizing performance of some of their newer recordings from their 2021 sessions at Hear Here’s retro underground studio in Milwaukee, Wis. The set was recorded prior to their tour-scheduled performance later that night at Milwaukee’s Colectivo Backroom in support of Francis’s newest album, In Plain Sight. During the set at Hear Here’s studio, they shared three songs with an intimate, live audience.

The video features Francis shredding on the keys, Mike Starr on bass, Kellen Boersma on guitar and Collin O’Brien on drums – illustrating the band’s undeniable enthusiasm for their new tracks. The video opened with the band’s uplifting “Alameda Apartments.” Next, Francis and company segued into a slower groove and called to the audience for their second song, “Say Your Prayers.” The melodious and soulful undertones in the instrumental mirrored the raw emotions Francis emanates and highlighted his songwriting ability.

They closed out the performance with “You Can’t Stop the Rain,” which featured O’Brien’s orchestral drums and Francis’ passionate and radical key-playing on display. The band’s effortless chemistry and charisma shined through their rhythmic rendition of the top-charted tune and was met with hoots and hollers from their very-enthused small crowd. 

Stream Neal Francis and his band’s Hear Hear Studios jam session below.