Today, multi-platinum, GRAMMY Award-winning rock band Portugal The Man shared an Amazon Original cover of Sublime’s iconic song, “Santeria.” The track was featured on Amazon Music’s recently launched Alternative Hits playlist. The new cover finds Portugal the Man’s Zoe Manville on lead vocals for the track, which Portugal the Man morphed into a stripped-down piano-driven ballad.

“Ever since the very beginnings of Portugal The Man, there has been a conversation centered around Portugal The Woman,” said Eric Howk, guitarist for Portugal The Man in a press release. “Last summer, we wanted to take that conversation a step further. As a touring band that still couldn’t tour due to health and safety concerns, and with John out of town working on the vocals for the upcoming PTM album, we decided to take advantage of the moment by recording some tracks in Kyle’s basement with Zoe on lead vocals.”

“The timing couldn’t have been better. As we were working on several ’90s covers for Brain Dead Radio, we got a call to perform in support of the PDX March for Reproductive Rights. We jumped at the opportunity, and got to let Zoe shine on lead vocals during a five-song Portugal The Woman set, and shared one of the most inspiring moments any of us have ever had on a stage. This track hopes to capture that spirit of hope and warmth,” Howk continued.

Listen to the track below: