Photo by Rodrigo Simas via Dave Matthews Band’s Instagram

Yesterday evening, Dave Matthews Band performed at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas. The performance was lush with bust-outs, covers and interpolation and was broadcasted live on SiriusXM Channel 30 (Dave Matthews Band Radio).

The show started with a bust out of “You Might Die Trying,” a song that frontman Dave Matthews hasn’t used as an opener since April 11, 2017, and hasn’t played with Dave Matthews Band since Sept 6, 2013. Next came “So Much to Say” followed by “Anyone Seen the Bridg” which had “Sprach Zarathustra” and “Heartbreaker” interpolations. “Too Much” from Matthews’ hit album Crash came next along with a bust out of “Idea of You” which hadn’t been heard in 147 shows. Mathews and company continued with “Break for It” and “Tripping Billies” before moving into “Jimi Thing” which had “Thank You” by Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin neatly packaged within it and a Sly & The Family Stone outro.

Matthews and company continued with classic songs from his discography hitting “Madman’s Eyes,” “Crash Into Me,” “Break Free” and “Funny the Way It Is.” They then performed the first full-band performance of “The Dreaming Tree” since Aug. 29, 2015. The performance was rounded out with “When the World Ends,” “Walk Around the Moon,” “Warehouse,” and “Dancing Nancies” which had altered lyrics. Dave Matthews Band closed with “She,” “Granny” and the final song of the set 2002’s “Grey Street.”

Dave Matthews Band returned to the stage to encore with a cover of Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker” and “Why I Am.” Dave Matthews Band will perform tonight at the Dos Equis Pavilion, in Dallas.

Dave Matthews Band
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – The Woodlands, Texas
May 13, 2022

You Might Die Trying, So Much to Say, Anyone Seen the Bridge, Too Much, Idea of You, Break for It, Tripping Billies, Jimi Thing, Madman’s Eyes, Crash Into Me, Break Free, Funny the Way It Is, The Dreaming Tree, When the World Ends, Walk Around the Moon, Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, She, Granny, Grey Street

Enc.: The Maker, Why I Am