Umphrey’s McGee marked their 24th anniversary as a band on Friday night by performing at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, N.Y. The band recreated their sophomore studio album, Local Band Does O.K., for the occasion.

The show kicked off with the opening track, “Andy’s Last Beer,” followed by UM standards, “Uncle Wally,” and “Hurt Bird Bath.” Next, the group performed the jazz-infused instrumental bust out, “Headphones & Snowcones,” for the first time since New Year’s Eve 2019. 

“Ringo” came next, followed by the instrumental number “Blue Echo,” which segued into “The Empire State,” with Brendan Bayliss assisting Andy Farag on the percussion-heavy bust out. Umphrey’s ended the first set with “White Man’s Moccasins.” 

The second set picked up with “Prowler,” “2nd Self,” and “Roulette,” UM staples. Next, the band performed bust out “Dough Boy” for the first time since 2004, followed by another set of UM standards, “Water” and “Nothing Too Fancy,” to close out Umphrey’s Local Band Does O.K. reprise. 

With what time remained in the second set, Umphrey’s McGee debuted their latest single, “I Don’t Know Want To Know,” followed by set ender, “Partyin’ Peeps” off the live album, 2017-03-04:The Wilma, Missoula, MT, USA. UM then returned to the stage for an encore performance of “Slacker.”

Friday night’s show made up for UM’s New Year’s Eve promise to recreate a vintage album in its entirety. Read more here

Umphrey’s McGee 

Landmark Theater– Syracuse, N.Y.

Jan. 21, 2022

Set 1: Andy’s Last Beer, Uncle Wally, Hurt Bird Bath, Headphones & Snowcones, Ringo, Blue Echo > The Empire State*, White Man’s Moccasins 

Set 2: Prowler > 2nd Self, Roulette, Dough Bro > Water > Nothing Too Fancy, I Don’t Know What I Want^, Partyin’ Peeps


* Brendan on percussion

^ Debut