Brian Harding a.k.a. @PHISHONPHILM started a passion project over a year ago, his goal was to capture raw and sterling examples of what life was like on Phish tour in the 90s, the time lovingly dubbed by fans as the 1.0 era. Harding, no stranger to documentary photography knew exactly how to do this.

Over the past year, he received and complied thousands of photos from hundreds of fans that arrived in the form of Polaroids and disposable film reels. He lovingly chose and arranged those endless beloved moments to make a coffee table book titled “PHILM: 1.0 The Coffee Table Book.”

“PHILM: 1.0 The Coffee Table Book” is now available for pre-order and will start shipping out in January of 2022.

Learn more about Harding’s work and pre-order “PHILM: 1.0 The Coffee Table Book” here.