Photo by Hisham Bharoocha

Animal Collective have announced the release of their new full length album, Time Skiffs, dropping on Feb. 4.

To indulge fans with an inkling of what is to come, the band have released the record’s first single, “Prester John”, with an accompanying video. 

The six-and-a-half minute track begins with a meandering lament that swells and crescendos into a viscerally emotive shout, before disintegrating into deep, abstract space.

According to a press release “It was created by weaving together two songs, one written by Avery Tare and one by Panda Bear.”

The video – coming courtesy of director Jason Lester – sees the quartet floating in the nighttime woods amidst a hazy vignette, a dreamy, psychedelic palette of colors and shapes flowing over and around them. 

As well as the album release, the band have announced a US tour with 15 dates for spring of 2022. Tickets go on sale this Friday, Oct. 22. Click here for more info.

Watch the “Prester John” video below: