Eric Krasno has released the opening single “Silence” off his upcoming solo album Always. The track gives an excellent preview of the fluent songcraft and inimitable instrumentation Krasno has to offer.

“‘Silence’ is a song I wrote a number of years ago about the torture of not knowing,” explained Krasno in a press release. “I sing about how the silent treatment can make your mind spiral into the darkest place where you assume the worst situation is inevitable. This was the first track I worked on with Otis McDonald for the album. The original track I sent him had just acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals. As we built the track I think it set the tone and feel for the album as a whole.”

Always is the Grammy-Award-winning guitarist’s fourth full-length studio album, and is set to release on Feb. 4, 2022.

If you take away a message of love and the Always concept, that’s great,” wrote Krasno of the album. “Most of all, I want to put you in a happy place. In the past, I personally just felt like I was a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Now, I feel like a fully formed artist.”

Listen to the track below:

Always Tracklist

1. Silence
2. So Cold
3. Lost Myself
4. Man in Me
5. Alone Together
6. Where I Belong
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Good Thing
9. Hold Tight
10. Always With You