Photo by Wes Orshoski

Wilco singer and guitarist Jeff Tweedy performed a two-night concert series at Mass MoCA’s Hunter Center in North Adams, M.A., on July 17 and 18. Tweedy’s weekend sets contained a mix of original solo songs, popular Wilco tracks and upcoming unreleased material. All of Wilco will return to the venue May 27 through 29, 2022 for the Solid Sound Festival.

He was joined at the end of his set by bandmate Nels Cline and paid tribute to Biz Markie, who died Friday in Baltimore, by covering his song “Just a Friend.” The audience sang along after which Tweedy said, “I know it wasn’t related but we’ve lost a lot of really, really amazing pop stars since December. It’s fucking crazy. Anyway, one of my favorites, such a beautiful, beautiful, spirit. I just wish he could be around for a lot longer. So thanks for singing along. Not many people make records where their spirit comes through in every single thing, every single moment of their entire recorded output. Not many people do that. Not many people are themselves the whole fucking time. I’m not. For sure. This is a persona I’ve been working on for 30 years.”

The concert was streamed live on Instagram.