Midnight North has announced that they will be joining the newly formed Americana Vibes label, alongside The Infamous Stringdusters and The Sweet Lillies. The new label was launched in December of 2020.

The band will release their upcoming record, There’s Always a Story, on July 23 on the new label.

“This band and the songs we write and record are no doubt a perfect match for Americana Vibes,” said Midnight North’s Nathan Graham in a statement.

“We’ve always looked up to the Infamous Stringdusters as songwriters, musicians, and as an organization,” added Grahame Lesh. “Becoming label-mates with a band like the Dusters, and getting to work with a top notch record label like Americana Vibes, is an important step for Midnight North that we are absolutely over the moon about! We can’t wait to present this album, There’s Always a Story – this collection of songs that reflects our Americana story – with the support of Americana Vibes behind it.”

“Midnight North have been our musical brothers and sister for years now, and we are so excited to welcome them to the Americana Vibes family,” said the Stringdusters’ Chris Pandolfi. “They have a timeless, powerful sound, along with amazing original songs that always take you places. That’s what great music is all about!”

Visit MidnightNorth.com for more info on the new record.