Photo by Patrick Jordan

This evening, May 4, Tony Markellis was set to take the stage at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vt. In the wake of the bassist’s tragic passing, Nectar’s has decided to go ahead with the show and dedicate the evening to celebrating Markellis’ life and legacy.

Zach Nugent, Vinnie Amico, Richard James, Daniel Marc, Josh Weinstein, Ryan Clausen, Josh Dobbs, Joe Chapman and more will perform during the evening.

The venue released a statement about their decision to go ahead with the event. “On Tuesday (tomorrow) night we were once again going to be honored and blessed to have Tony Markellis on our stage. An opportunity we jumped at whenever and however we could through our history,” wrote Nectar’s on Facebook. “The only thing that surpassed Mr. Markellis on the bass was the person that he was, so kind, warm, approachable with an absolutely brilliant understated sarcasm. Our first instinct was to cancel Dead Set this week, but honestly, we think that would be the last thing Tony would ever want. So tomorrow night a collection of his friends and mentees will gather to celebrate a giant in our family.”

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