In addition to being an extraordinary picker – and the latest cover star of Relix – Billy Strings is quite an angler as well, often posting pictures of his fishy exploits offstage.

Today, to celebrate Earth Day, the Grammy-winner shared a lengthy statement about protecting our shared waters, and being respectful of their inhabitants.

“At the end of a day on the water, I usually end up with at least a small pile of other peoples trash, fishing line and old lures. I’m out there a lot and I always see a lot of trash along the banks and in the water and I always pick up what I can. I hate to see the negligence from fellow anglers,” he writes, adding that he’s seen animals suffer when they’ve been tangled up in trash and old fishing line.

“So make sure you take care of your old line, lures and trash when you’re out fishin.. and if you see someone else’s shit, pick it up and throw it away at the ramp or something,” he concludes. “I may hook these bastards in the lip but I love them and care about them a lot.. as well as all their other little critter friends.”

Read the full message below: