Asheville-based hip-hop collective Free Radio has shared a new track titled “Outer Limits,” along with a new music video. The track will appear on their upcoming record Earthworms, due out May 27.

The group features Johnny Reynolds and Austin Haynes, who is Warren Haynes’ nephew. “Outer Limits” features newly added members Datrian Johnson and Grammy-winning vocalist Debrissa McKinney.

“I feel like the universe put us together,” said Reynolds in a statement. “We all came from different walks of life and found ourselves in this time and space.”

“When Datrian and Debrissa come together it’s just magical,” added Haynes. “One thing Johnny and I are not as skilled at is being vulnerable, and to have them bring that balance and soulfulness, to bring it back to a heartfelt level, I’ve been manifesting that for years.”

The group has recently been collaborating with Saint Disruption, the newly-formed (and Asheville-based) project from Jeff Firewalker Schmitt and MMW’s John Medeski. Saint Disruption’s single “Choke a Man” features Free Radio’s Johnson. Watch the video for that below.

Check out the new track “Outer Limits” below!