In a new lawsuit, music fans are seeing a comprehensive list of sexual misconduct/assault allegations levied against former festival headliner Bassnectar, including “years of grooming, abuse, and trafficking.”

Philadelphia law firm Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP and Nashville attorney Phillip Miller have teamed up for the proceedings, representing two women who claim to have been “sexually abused as minors by Bassnectar. Bassnectar and various management companies also are accused in the lawsuit of engaging in a human trafficking venture. Bassnectar is also accused of manufacturing and possessing child pornography.”

These allegations originally arose out of social media, as the Instagram @evidenceagainstbassnectar picked up traction online.

“All content posted has been collected from public platforms and submitted by many individuals,” read the account’s bio.

Following these initial reports, in July 2020, Bassnectar – real name: Lorin Ashton – proclaimed his innocence, yet still said he was “stepping back from [his] career” indefinitely.

According to the plaintiff attorney Brian Kent, “We have seen a true reckoning in recent years of powerful individuals and institutions finally being held to account for years of sexual abuse against adults and minors. But we have only begun to scratch the surface of how these influential figures and entities can go on for years committing abuses without being held responsible. This lawsuit is about seeking justice not just against Bassnectar but against the corporations that cooperate in and help facilitate the abuses he is alleged to have committed.”

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