Today, Doom Flamingo unveiled a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey.” The new track is available on streaming services, and a video of the band’s performance can be viewed on the Relix Facebook and YouTube pages.

Doom Flamingo first premiered their “Touch of Grey” cover during The Relix Channel’s ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’ marathon broadcast in celebration of Phil Lesh’s 81st birthday. The band recorded the video at the Charleston Pour House in Charleston, S.C. The six-piece band – vocalist Kanika Moore, bassist Ryan Stasik, keyboardist Ross Bogan, guitarist Thomas Kinney, saxophonist/keyboardist Mike Quinn and drummer Stuart White – is based in Charleston have performed at the venue several times throughout the pandemic.

“Doom Flamingo was honored to be asked to play a Dead tune for Phil’s 81st birthday… but we didn’t want to just cover a tune in true form, we wanted to add our own “Touch of Pink,'” said Stasik. “We landed on a downtempo 80’s vibe reminding us that we will get by, we will survive. So, we hope you enjoy our ‘Touch of Pink,’ a Doom Flamingo twist on ‘Touch of Grey.'”  

Listen to the new cover here, and watch the video below. For more information on Doom Flamingo, head to their website: