Photo by Ian Neville

Nigel Hall has announced a new solo studio album, Spiritual, which will be released on May 14th. The Lettuce keyboardist and vocalist will be releasing his sophomore studio album via Regime Music Group. 

Throughout his career, Hall has made a name for himself as a true student of funk, and as a musical juggernaut known for his keyboard chops and vocal prowess. He joined Lettuce as a keyboardist and vocalist in 2015. 

“The title ‘Spiritual’ came from something we (the musicians) were all just saying to each other,” said Hall. “We were all on break during the sessions and I walked past this sign that said ‘Spiritual’ that’s all it said. It was like a sign from God! So that’s how the record got its name.”

Recorded at the iconic Jellowstone Studios in Richmond, VA, Hall aims to make a unique impression (and a stylistic departure) with Spiritual. “My last record was more of a traditional soul record. I feel like it was a lot of what other people wanted me to sound like,” said Hall. “With this album, I didn’t want this to sound like another release. I want people to know that I am my own entity and that I want to explore different areas of music.”

Hall enjoyed full creative control on Spiritual. “I feel like every artist records one record in their career for themselves,” said Hall. This one is it for me. I feel like if no one hears this record, I’ll still be able to sleep at night because I know there is something real out in the world that I put there.” Fans all over the globe are now able to purchase vinyl and other merchandise; pre-orders and bundle packages can be found by clicking here.