In late fall of 2020, Chris Thile held a series of three online masterclasses called ‘Music is Life is Music.’ The mandolin virtuoso has announced that the series will return for a second run, with sessions on Jan. 17, Jan. 24 and Jan. 31.

The three topics that will be covered in the sessions are Improvisation (Jan. 17), Writing Lyrics (Jan. 24) and Making Records (Jan. 31). According to a press release, Thile chose the topics based on suggestions from previous MILIM attendees.

“Happy New Year, Fellow Bewildered Music Lovers!” Thile said via release. “I don’t know about y’all, but I’d like to think about something ELSE for a second, so I’m in the process of mixing up another three rounds of Music Is Life Is Music. For those that missed the first three, MILIM is a live masterclass-ish series for musicians and non-musicians alike, brought to you by your internet connection.”

“Each session will be roughly 75-90 minutes long (including a more extensive Q&A towards the end about everything we’ve covered), watchable after the fact, and this time around I’ll send you the outline I’m working from a day in advance for your pondering (listening? Wiki-ing?) pleasure,” he continued. “You’re all VIPs to me, but there will also be a post-class ‘VIP’ hang where we can further discuss music over a cocktail (for which I’ll send you a recipe).”

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