Ghost Light have shared a brand new live album, reliving a show from the pre-pandemic world.

Looking back, the group’s all-star lineup – featuring Tom Hamilton, Raina Mullen, Holly Bowling, Dan Africano, and Scotty Zwang – recalls how the 5/17/19 outing in Asbury Park, NJ was a watershed moment for Hamilton, who was bouncing back from a brief hospitalization.

Recalls Mullen, “The Asbury Park show was sort of a comeback show because Tommy had hurt his back and we had to reschedule a few of the previous shows. He was still in a ton of pain and was walking with a cane but he got up there and ripped it apart. I was worried for him and I think that we all put in our best efforts to try to keep his spirits up. Helping each other out is a big part of being in our band and I feel like we really came together on this one and did some really interesting and exciting things on stage that night.”

Hamilton adds, “That night on the drive home after the show I spent the entire Jersey Turnpike thinking about the jam out of ‘Fever Dreams.’ We had only been playing together for a year and it was Dan’s first tour as a member. That jam and the decisions that were made, that was a band. When I saw that we had the multitrack available for that show, it was a no-brainer to get this out there.” 

Listen to A Night in Asbury Park via Spotify here or below: