Photo by Rene Huemer, via @PhishFromTheRoad

Phish Radio on SiriusXM announced that fans can tune in to the station all weekend (through Nov. 1) to for ‘Halloween History Weekend,’ where listeners will “hear new, never-before-heard commentary from the band about their iconic musical costumes.” (Quote via SiriusXM Twitter post). The station shared a clip of some of that commentary from the band.

“Halloween is just a great, great holiday,” said keyboardist Page McConnell to kick off the clip. “To play an album, to cover an each album each Halloween was so good as a way to get outside my own notes and get inside another bass player’s,” added bassist Mike Gordon.

“The best one was Remain In Light. No question, for me,” declared guitarist Trey Anastasio. “And I’m really proud of that. It’s very important to remember to put these in historical context–that was not a well-known album at the time.”

Meanwhile, drummer Jon Fishman highlighted 2018’s Kasvot Växt set (pictured above), where they performed as the fictional band and covered the fictional album í rokk. “[That] was just an incredible step because now you add to it–you just make up the band!” Clips from their 2018 Halloween show were interspersed with the clips of the band members.

Watch the clip below, and tune into SiriusXM’s Phish Radio (ch. 29) to hear the Halloween History broadcasts.