Terrapin Crossroads has announced another socially-distanced show, set for Sunday Oct. 18 with doors at 4:30 p.m. PT. The show is titled ‘Knocking On The Golden Door,’ and it will consist of songs celebrating California.

“California! We’re thrilled to announce this All-Star line-up playing songs celebrating California!” wrote the venue in an announcement email.

The show will feature Stu Allen, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Grahame Lesh and Jason Crosby. It will take place at Terrapin Crossroads’ Beach Park performance area. The venue also set forth a series of guidelines relating to COVID-19. See those below

Click here to purchase tickets to the show.

COVID-19 Guidelines:

We realize we’re not yet through the pandemic and are taking health risks very seriously. We ask you to please read all safety protocols and instructions at the time of ticket purchase, and ALWAYS keep your mask on.


The parking lot will open at 4:00pm and a Parking Attendant will be at the entrance of the parking to check you in. Your Square will be taped on the ground with two chairs. We ask that you remain in your taped zone unless you need to use the restroom or the bar.

​You must keep your mask on AT ALL TIMES! If you are reminded more than once to put your mask back on, you will be asked to leave without a refund. If you are standing, going to the bar, or going to the bathroom, your face mask MUST BE ON. Food and drink must be consumed while seated. Masks may be pulled down to eat and drink, but must immediately be put back on as required by the Health Officer Order for Face Coverings. You must always remain 6 feet away while waiting in line to enter the venue, the bathroom, and at the bar.

We want to continue bringing you live music, but we can only do this with your full cooperation!