To celebrate the Oct. 16 release of his new album Sundowner, Kevin Morby has shared an intimate acoustic clip of “Beautiful Strangers” featuring his creative collaborator and romantic partner Katie Crutchfield aka Waxahatchee.

According to a press release, Morby began to write the music for Sundowner after he moved out of Los Angeles in 2017. It especially began to take shape as his relationship with Crutchfield blossomed. “During that summer, Kevin’s isolation was given a subtle lift when Katie Crutchfield began visiting,” it read. “She would stay weeks at a time, living quietly beside him – their love taking shape in a quiet refuge from their lives on the road. They shared many things, including a mutual melancholy that seemed to appear every night around sunset. They began to refer to themselves as ‘sundowners.’”

Listen to Sundowner via Spotify here.

Watch below: