Guitarist Cory Wong previously announced a new record, titled The Striped Album, which is due out on Oct. 23. The record marks Wong’s eighth album of 2020. Today, Oct. 16, Wong has shared another single from the album, “Smooth Move” featuring Tom Misch.

“Working with Tom Misch is always really fun. We come from such different backgrounds in influence and approach, but our styles blend so well together,” Wong said about the collaboration (via press release). “He started playing music by programming and beat making; I started by playing in a band. We met each other through the guitar community on the internet and had a mutual admiration for each other’s playing.”

“I love the idea of relying on our instincts,” Wong continued. “I think that’s where we get into our real primal self as creatives and musicians…. There’s something about the two of us playing together that feels so natural and free of agenda. Since we both do such different things on the instrument, and we have mutual respect for each other, there’s no ego and there’s nothing to prove. We can just sit down and play music together.”

Wong previously released a single featuring guitarist Joe Satriani. He also shared a video of the recording of “Smooth Move.” Watch it below!

Listen to “Smooth Move” here. Pre-order The Striped Album here.