Turkuaz’s 24-song record Digitonium was released five years ago; to celebrate the anniversary, the nine-piece funk band has shared behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process and announced a newly pressed vinyl version of the LP.

“We all remember times running up and down the stairs listening to what the other room was working on to make sure we weren’t creating any conflicting parts,” said frontman Dave Brandwein in a press release. “The horns would be downstairs recording, while Craig and I were upstairs doing overdubs on guitar and keys. If we were all playing together downstairs, our engineer, Jocko, would be upstairs doing some mixing and editing through takes.”

He continues: “I can’t believe it’s been 5 years, but until the pandemic hit, we hadn’t taken a real break from touring or recording since then,” nodding to Turkuaz’s expansive growth over the last half-decade, which has seen the band headline venues coast-to-coast, crawl up major music festival billings, and most recently, international dates in Japan and Australia. “Though I wish the country, our industry, and all families and businesses a speedy recovery from this horrible pandemic, it has strangely allowed me to sit back and really appreciate the past, and once again make some ambitious plans for the future.”

Pre-order the new Digitonium on vinyl LP here: turkuazband.themerchcollective.com

Watch the never-before-seen footage below!