For the twelfth episode of ‘Comes A Time’ podcast, bassist Oteil Burbridge and comedian Mike Finoia welcomed Backline’s Zack Borer and Dr. Chayim Newman, who serves as the director of the Tour Health Initiative (THRIV) and is one of Backline’s Clinical Advisory Board members.

During the episode, the four discuss current mental health trends in the music industry and Backline’s efforts to provide support for those in need. According to an official description, “Zack and Chayim share the mental health trends they’ve noticed within themselves and their patients this year, and thoughts on how we can use our challenges for growth.”

The episode was released on Apple Podcasts as well as shared on YouTube in video form. In addition, Burbridge and Finoia announced that they will be taking the podcast on Patreon; those who subscribe on the site will have access to a bonus episode every week.

Previously guests on ‘Comes A Time’ have included Marc Brownstein, HeadCount’s Andy Bernstein, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Melvin Seals and more. To listen to any of the episodes, click here.

Watch the new episode with Zack Borer and Dr. Chayim Newman below!