The New Mastersounds guitarist and producer Eddie Roberts has unveiled a new vinyl club called ‘Rare Sounds.’ The club will share boxes of records quarterly, which will tell the story of the “Funk & Soul Revival.

According to the website, “this quarterly series will feature many out-of-print records that shaped the scene and influenced a generation of fans and musicians.” Roberts has already set the first box, which will include: Keb Darge presents The New Mastersounds (2001), which is only available at Rare Sounds, The Greyboy Allstars West Coast Boogaloo (1994) and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings’ Dap Dippin’ (2002).

“Rare Sounds is a new vinyl club that is here to tell the stories of the Funk & Soul Revival, from US to Europe, Japan to Australia,” explained Roberts on Rare Sounds’ website. “The late 90s Revival saw bands like The New Mastersounds, The Greyboy Allstars, Sugarcane 3, the Dap-Kings, Galactic, Speedometer, The Bamboos, and Osaka Monaurail, bands of mavericks obsessed with recreating analog production, 60s grooves and soul songwriting. Throughout the next three decades, that sound continued to evolve and grow to where we are today. During the coming months, join me on the journey and enjoy some of the most influential records from the last 30 years.”

To sign up for the Rare Sounds Vinyl Club, click here.