Umphrey’s McGee has announced a pair of livestreamed shows, set for September 2 and 3. The shows are dubbed ‘Wrapped In The Round,’ and they will be performed from a production warehouse.

“In these times, what more is there to be done with a production warehouse full of gear next to a mountain of sound and lights than turning it into an expansive soundstage and unleash a pair of live streamed eruptions?” wrote the band in an announcement on their website.

“We loved the intimate, stripped-down nature of our Boondock streams, but we have decided to flip the script this time around,” they continued. “Once again eliminating the traditional stage configuration, UM will be performing in the round, utilizing a myriad of different production techniques with our friends at Tourgigs.”

In addition, fans who purchase tickets will have a chance to submit “Stew Art” theme, which will “serve as the roadmap for improvisation.” These will be kept in a bowl in the middle of the band’s setup. According to the announcement, “throughout the course of the two nights, band members will randomly pull themes from the bowl and improvise the soundtrack accordingly (past examples have included “Afternoon bus ride in Jamaica,” “Barry White love letter,” and am”Flamenco Metal”).”

The announcement is a Save The Date as of now. The band urged fans to “check back next week” for details on tickets and other information.

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