Previewing his upcoming album Non-Secure Connection – out Friday, Aug. 14 – Bruce Hornsby has shared “Anything Can Happen,” a reworked, collaborative track that originally appeared on Leon Russell’s 1994 LP of the same name.

Recalls Hornsby via press release, “I was able to get Leon Russell a record deal with Virgin in 1990, and we made a record called ‘Anything Can Happen.’ I always felt that the title song wasn’t produced as well as it could have been (I’ll take the blame), and always wanted to re-cut it. Leon asked me to ‘write me a Barry White track,’ which is how the song started. His vocal from the original demo ghosts mine for a lot of the song, and then he emerges at the end to join me in harmony. My time with Leon was extremely memorable and deserves its own article; too much amazing and funny, classic stuff.”

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Listen to “Anything Can Happen” below: