Yo La Tengo now have a Bandcamp page, which at the moment only houses one track: the band’s new single titled “James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday).” The new song was written and recorded at the band’s rehearsal space in Hoboken, N.J.

The single dropped on July 13, along with a note from multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Ira Kaplan. “If you’ve spent any time hanging out with us at our rehearsal space in Hoboken—that pretty much covers none of you—you’ve heard us playing formlessly (he said, trying to sidestep the word ‘improvising’),” wrote Kaplan. “Most of the songs we’ve written in the last 25 years have begun that way, but often we do it for no other reason than to push away the outside world.”

“In late April, with the outside world weighing on everybody, we determined that the three of us could assemble in Hoboken without disobeying the rules laid out by Governor Murphy, and resumed . . . ‘practicing’ hardly describes it, because we’ve done no practicing per se, and anyway what would be practicing for . . . playing,” he continued. “James set up one microphone in the middle of the room in case we stumbled on something useful for the future. Instead we decided to release something we did right now.”

Stream or download the new song here.