Photo by Ben Wong

Instrumental-electronic quintet Lotus has announced a new studio record, Free Swim, which will be the band’s 10th studio record. It will drop Aug. 21. The band also released the first single off the new LP, “Catacombs.”

“Two groups that steered me into electronic dance music in college were Daft Punk and St. Germain,” said keyboardist/guitarist Luke Miller via press release. “Daft Punk utilized a sample-centric, loop style while St. Germain combined four-on-the-floor beats with jazz harmony and solos. Both were from France surrounding them an air of mystery and sophistication. They were both placed under the umbrella genre of ‘French Touch,’ which worshipped at the feet of disco-edit and heavy filters. For ‘Catacombs,’ I wanted to combine these two vibes. The bass holds down a funky groove that dances around the root, always falling forward harmonically. The drums and percussion lock into a tight engine. The keys glue it together with analog synth chords and disco string stabs. The guitar adds a jazzy melody and Nile Rodgers-esque funky chords. The cream in the espresso is the flute by guest Sam Greenfield. Halfway into the song he lets loose on a flurry of licks to heat the groove to a boil.”

Free Swim follows Lotus’ 2018 audio/video album experience Frames Per Second. According to a press release, the new record was “written and produced by the group’s Jesse and Luke Miller and recorded earlier this year at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia.”

Pre-order Free Swim at Listen to “Catacombs” here.