On July 8 – in the wake of their recent run at Lockport, NY’s Transit Drive-In – Aqueous will present a free full-show video of their full June 20 performance.

All four band members will also be watching the Facebook premiere, engaging with fans in the comments.

Adds guitarist Mike Gantzer, “We went into this weekend with a totally different approach, given that it was also a totally new scenario playing at a drive-in, and that we hadn’t gotten to play live like this in months. We didn’t use any setlists for the entire run and kept it really loose, and we ended up doing a one-song set during one of the sets. It was truly joyful. It’s some of my favorite AQ improv ever, honestly.”

Tune in on Wednesday, July 8 at 7 p.m. ET at Facebook.com/AqueousBand.