Photo by York Tillyer

Pianist/producer Thomas Bartlett has announced his debut solo record, SHELTER. The record is due out on July 24. The album was recorded in Bartlett’s home over just two days at the beginning of quarantine.

In addition to the album announcement, Bartlett has shared the first single from the record, “Lucinda.”

“In the total strangeness of the moment and the lockdown,” Bartlett said of the album (via press release), “I gave myself permission to do a thing that I don’t usually do, in terms of how these pieces to me are kind of shameless in their sentimentality.”

“There’s a space that I really love to be in, as a listener, and as a player,” he continued. “It’s a feeling of arrival, and comfort, and peace. It’s an easy place for me to get to, but one that I’m suspicious of because of that.”

Pre-order SHELTER here. Listen to “Lucinda” below.