Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Secret Machines have announced their newest LP, Awake in the Brain Chamber. The record is the band’s fourth effort and their first release in almost 12 years. The new album will be available on Aug. 21.

“I began writing these songs at a time I remember feeling alone and lost, and I think the songs have that in their DNA,” said Brandon Curtis via press release. “I started sharing early versions with Benjamin who gave me notes as well as encouragement. I am sure that without his influence this album would never have seen the light of day.” Curtis began work on the album before the untimely death of his brother and former bandmate Benjamin. Benjamin tragically passed away from cancer in 2013. According to a press release, his “sonic fingerprints are all over the record.”

“While reworking the tracks, Josh and I were careful to retain whatever influence Benjamin had as a sort of living tribute to him,” continued Curtis. “I know that Josh [Garza] and I both feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with him again, albeit posthumously. I know we are both very proud to present this as the first Secret Machines music in over a decade.

Pre-order Awake in the Brain Chamber here.