Brad Barr has teamed up with Alfred Howard on a new track, “Coathors.” Barr wrote the music based on lyrics written by Howard.

The song is part of Howard’s year-long project, Alfred Howard Writes, during which he will release two songs a week for 365 days. Each song will be a collaboration with a different musician. Fans can subscribe to receive downloads for the entire series, or purchase individual songs.

“This week’s song is really special to me,” Howard said of “Coauthors” (quote via press release.) “My favorite songs that I’ve been writing of late are love songs in the midst of all the turmoil. I’m very much in love and it’s the only medicine that eclipses the global calamity that is 2020. The first release of the Alfred Howard Writes project was called We All Breathe the Same Air and was a direct response to George Floyd’s murder that we all saw or turned our head away from. I didn’t watch it. My heart couldn’t hold that mass of gravity at that moment. The year had already saturated me. Nathan Moore and I wrote that song and Brad Barr of the Barr Brothers played guitar on it. When Nathan and I were finishing up our song, Nathan offered to try to build a bridge between Brad and I to possibly do a song together. This was kind of a dream collaboration that I was nervous about. I mean, I get nervous about going to the grocery store these days, but creative nerves both shake and stir me. To my surprise, Brad was game and I tried to send something really special his way so he’d have no choice but to collaborate with me. I wrote a love song about getting home to my gal and catching up on the news of the day. I’m not a singer and there’s emotions I want to convey to my love that I don’t have the melodic sense to translate. And he nailed it. Something magical was happening and he had a great intuition for my intentions.”

To purchase the song and for more information, click here.