Photo by Marc Millman

The Tom Petty estate has dug into the late rocker’s archives to share a home recording of his 1994 Wildflowers hit “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”

“My dad’s demos were always really awesome,” Petty’s daughter Adria told Rolling Stone of the archival find. “They were a good guiding light in the Wildflowers sessions. And this one has a right-out-of-the-box feeling to it.”

The clip – as well as its corresponding animated video – is apparently a teaser of a new Wildflowers celebratory release, to be an “exhaustive chronicle of the making of one of Petty’s most enduring albums.”

Adds Adria, “The family and all our engineers and the Heartbreakers have been circling around this project and making it as delightful and completist as possible. We’re really pleased to be able to share the second half of the Wildflowers double album. But there are also completist versions of how the sessions evolved. My dad was prolific at that time and there was so much recording done. Coming off the ‘Last Dance with Mary Jane’ session, it was a compete evolution of how dad recorded and how he made space for his own feelings. Wildflowers was very personal for him. He wasn’t hiding behind anything.”

Petty’s estate also made headlines last week, after issuing a cease and desist to the Trump administration for using “I Won’t Back Down.”

Listen to the demo below: