Photo via The Disco Biscuits’ Instagram page.

The Disco Biscuits formed in Philadelphia in 1995; 25 years later, on June 24, the band performed a special, crowdless livestreamed show on the infield of Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. The show, dubbed Take You Out To The Ball Game, raised money for PLUS1 For Black Lives Fund.

The show saw the band wearing customized Phillies jerseys, and the members were introduced over the PA a la a baseball game. The band did not have a stage set up; instead, they performed directly on the infield dirt of the stadium.

The show began with “Home Again.” Next came “Digital Buddha,” which moved into the recently-debuted “Anthem” before returning to “Buddha.” After a brief and heartfelt call for donations from bassist Marc Brownstein, the band dropped into to “Hope,” before delivering another sequence of “Spraypaint” > “Running Into the Night” (debuted at the band’s 2019 New Years Eve run in New York City) > “Spraypaint.” The show closed with “Crickets,” which saw the band flex their jamming muscles.

The show followed the Biscuits’ first performance since January at The Fiillmore in Philadelphia on June 22, which was livestreamed on the new BeApp platform.

Check out the setlist from Take You Out To The Ball Game below, as well as a full video!

The Disco Biscuits
June 23, 2020
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
Set: Home Again, Digital Buddha > Anthem > Digital Buddha, Hope, Spraypaint > Running Into the Night > Spraypaint, Crickets

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