For his weekly World Saving Shitshow broadcast, Andy Frasco interviewed both George Porter Jr. and Ivan Neville to discuss the ongoing protest movement through America.

“This ain’t just started,” Porter said in response to the current climate. “We keep getting told that there’s an answer somewhere… Hopefully this time it will bring a positive thing.”

During the show Frasco also introduced his new protest-documentary music video for the Keep On Keepin’ On track “Better Day.”

“We built this video because I feel strongly that the footage needs to be seen,” Frasco said introducing the clip, which showcases the recent clash of protesters and police as well as the brave individuals bridging the gap between the two.

Watch Frasco’s video for “Better Day” as well as his interview with Neville and Porter (Porter starting around 29 minutes, Neville around 49 minutes) below.

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