Drummer Greg Anton and keyboardist Scott Guberman have announced a new vinyl release, The Collectors Series, which will contain two songs with lyrics written by Robert Hunter. The record will be released on June 12 via Telefunken Electro Records.

Anton and Hunter collaborated on 33 songs together; the two featured on The Collectors Series both had not been properly recorded, so Guberman and Anton collaborated on finishing the songs. The remaining personnel on the record are Stu Allen and Mark Karan on guitar, Robin Sylvester on bass and Stephanie Salva providing vocals (along with Guberman).

The two songs are “Just Because” and “Whisky’s Sweeter Than Milk.” See below for more information about the two tracks (via press release.)

JUST BECAUSE”: Anton co-wrote songs with Robert Hunter for two stage plays written by Michael Mann. ‘JUST BECAUSE’ was a song that never made it to the stage, so to give it the honor it deserves, Anton and Guberman rearranged it as a rock ‘n roll song.

“WHISKY’S SWEETER THAN MILK”: Anton originally wrote this song with Hunter for John Lee Hooker’s last album. Hooker died before he finished recording it. Anton and Guberman thought it would be a perfect addition to this project and reworked this upbeat, original blues tune.