According to the Buffalo News, jam quartet Aqueous is prepared to host a two-day drive-in performance at Lockport, NY’s Transit Drive-In from 2-5 p.m. on June 19 and 20.

This announcement comes after Spafford hosted a May 24 drive-in performance in Arizona, and the Beanstalk Festival pivoted to the new, socially distant format.

“We all know that for both the fans and artists a drive-in concert is not the preferred choice, but considering everything going on, it’s a fantastic option,” explained promoter Josh Holtzman of Buffalo Iron Works. “Musicians want to perform live and fans want to experience not only the sound but the feeling of a live show. This allows for both to exist in a world where the traditional form of attending a concert is on hold. This is a platform we are working on and hope to bring it to life this summer.”

This story is still developing…