In a recent discussion with, Dumpstaphunk keyboardist and Crescent City mainstay Ivan Neville recounts his battle with COVID-19.

“When I was praying, ‘Don’t let this take me,’ it was the same kind of prayers I’d say when I was trying to get sober, when I’d go on a binge, when I knew addiction had taken over my life,” the musician, 60, told the website.

“I woke up one night burning up,” Neville adds later. “The screen on the thermometer turned red before the number came up. It was 103. I got a cold facecloth and laid in bed thinking, ‘If I die now, I can’t even have a funeral.’ I was absolutely scared.”

Neville believes he contracted the virus in mid-March after participating in New York City’s Love Rocks Benefit. (A number of other musicians and crew also fell ill following the all-star Beacon Theatre performance, most notably Paul Shaffer, Larry Campbell and Jackson Browne.)

In turn, Neville’s girlfriend and six-year-old son fell ill as well.

Now, having beat COVID-19 – Neville uses his weekly livestreams on the Dumpstaphunk Facebook page to return to performing and find his voice once again.

“I truly believe that singing for an hour once a week or so has helped to get my lungs in better shape,” he explained. “Which I really needed.”

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