Image via @sts9 on Instagram

On Dec. 27, 28, 29 and 31, STS9 played at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Ga. for their New Year’s Eve run. Additionally, the band played an intimate show on Dec. 30 at the Ravine in Atlanta during which they played a full set of improvisation.

Dec. 27’s show began with an improvised segment followed by “To The World.” The first set closed with “20-12.” The second set began with a segment of “Metameme” > “Call Jam” > “Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist” and closed with “Rent.”

On the 28th, the first set featured a “Instantly” > “Simulator” > “Instantly” sandwich and closed with “Push The Sky.” The second set began with “Once Told” and closed with the trio of “Spending Time” > “Sky High” > “Open E.” An impassioned rendition of “Circus” served as the encore.

The next night (Dec. 29) was highlighted by an “Empires” opener in the first set and an “ABCees” > “Rise Above, Get Loud” > “ABCees” sandwich in the second set. The next night, Dec. 30, the band had an off night at The Tabernacle, so they took their brand of jamtronic improvisation to the Ravine in Atlanta and treated fans to a set of complete improvisation, dubbed the “Rave Spell” set. There was not even an encore at the show as the band jammed up until their curfew.

STS9’s New Year’s Eve show began with “Forest Hu” > “Evasive Maneuvers.” Later, the band closed the first set with “Native End” > “ReEmergence.” The second set began with a countdown to the new year, followed directly by “When The Dust Settles.” The set closed with “New Dawn, New Day” before STS9 treated fans to a three song encore of “956 Foot Tall Trees,” “Wika Chikana” and “Click Lang Echo.”

Check out the complete setlists from STS9’s New Year’s Eve run below, courtesy of The Church of STS9 on Facebook.

The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga.

Dec. 27, 2019
Set I: Improv > To The World > Havona Ascent > Beyond Right Now, Strange Games > When The Dust Settles Reprise > Moonsocket, Presence of Light, 20-12

Set II: Metameme > Call Jam > Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist, Awesome > Menacer > Ramone & Emiglio, Scheme Reprise > Rent

Enc: Sow > Water Song

Dec. 28, 2019
Set I: Music, Us* > New Forms (Roni Size), Instantly > Simulator > Instantly > STS9, Grizzly > Push The Sky

Set II: Once Told > Move My Peeps, Out of This World > Frequencies 3, Spending Time > Sky High > Open E

Enc: Circus
*Drums n Bass version

Dec. 29, 2019
Set I: Empires > The New Soma > Totem > Pianoir (Outro), Walk to the Light > Potamus > Gobnugget > EB

Set II: MOD > Breathe In, ABCees > Rise Above, Get Loud > ABCees, Common Objects Strangely Placed > Vibyl, Hubble, The Rabble

Enc: Dance

Dec. 30, 2019
Ravine, Atlanta, Ga.
Rave Spell Set

Set: Improv

Dec. 31, 2019
The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga.
Set I: Forest Hu > Evasive Maneuvers > Kamuy > Dragon City > Inspire Strikes Back > Kamuy, Vapors, Native End > ReEmergence

Set II: (Countdown) > When The Dust Settles, Warrior, Seed > Grow, World Go Round > New Dawn, New Day

Enc: 986 Ft. Tall Trees, Wika Chikana, Click Lang Echo