Photo via @lotusinstagram, taken by Chris Beikirch

Lotus rung in the New Year with a show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Md. The jamtronica band delivered a flowing, segue-filled second set, including a “128” and “Lucid Awakening” sandwich.

The show began with “Eats the Light” followed by “Livingston Storm” and “Nri.” After renditions of “Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell” and “The Opus,” Lotus closed the set with a segment of “Machine Gun” > “Gilded Age.”

Set two began with “Fortune Favors,” followed by a massive sequence beginning with “128.” After “128,” the band moved into “Shimmer And Out” and “Lucid Awakening” before counting down to the new decade. After the countdown, the band returned to “Shimmer And Out” before finally coming to a stop. “Spaghetti” began the next segment, before the band moved into “Umbilical Moonset” and then back into “Lucid Awakening.” Lotus closed the set with “In The Bliss” before returning to “128.”

For the encore, the band began with “When H Binds To O” before playing “Umbilical Moonrise,” completing the “Umbilical” pairing that began with “Umbilical Moonset.”

Lotus returns to the stage tonight for a set on Jam Cruise. For more information, visit, and check out a full setlist from their NYE show below, courtesy of Phantasy Tour.

Dec. 31, 2019
Rams Head Live, Baltimore, Md.
Set I: Eats the Light, Livingston Storm, Nri, Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell, The Opus, Machine Gun > Gilded Age

Set II: Fortune Favors, 128 > Shimmer And Out > Lucid Awakening > Countdown > Shimmer And Out, Spaghetti > Umbilical Moonset > Lucid Awakening, In The Bliss > 128

Enc: When H Binds To O, Umbilical Moonrise