Photo Courtesy of Bonham’s

On Dec. 10, 2019 Jerry Garcia’s “alligator” guitar – which was gifted to the guitarist by Graham Nash and saw the Grateful Dead leader through many shows from May 1971 to late 1973, including the entirety of Europe ’72 – sold at auction for $420,000.

The bidding took place via phone and the buyer is a filmmaker/guitar collector named Andy Logan.

According to the press release, Logan was set to end his bidding at $400,000 but when he was asked, “It’s 420 to you,” he couldn’t help but answer, “I guess I have to say ‘yes’ to 420.”

Alligator will act as the pièce de résistance of Logan’s Grateful Dead guitar collection, which includes models of Garcia and Bob Weir guitars as well as two guitars Garcia comissioned himself from builder Steve Cripe.

Thankfully, Logan is kind with his guitar library, regularly loaning them to members of Dark Star Orchestra, Phil Lesh & Friends and more.

As per a press statement, “If Andy has anything to saw about it, the music will never stop.”

Watch Garcia wield his Alligator through an entire Europe ’72 performance in Denmark (4/17/72) below: