Later this month, The Chapel in San Francisco will host a pair of special concerts celebrating the 50th anniversaries of two Grateful Dead albums, their experimental studio effort Aoxomoxoa and the group’s first official live album, Live/Dead, both of which came out in 1969 and marked some of the first releases to use 16-track recording technology.

The shows, set for Oct. 28 (Aoxomoxoa) and 29 (Live/Dead), will feature a lineup curated by Howlin Rain’s Ethan Miller and featuring a group of California musicians: guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, bassist Dan Horne and drummer Austin Beede, with guest vocalists to be named soon.

“Myself, the four other incredible musicians in the band and a number of exceptional guest performers are coming together to bring these records to life again and to celebrate their vast and undying energy,” Miller says of the shows. “In the performance of Aoxomoxoa, it gives folks a chance to see, hear and feel something live that I’m not sure even the Dead ever fully committed to the stage in its entirety. As for Live/Dead, we’re just gonna set it loose and see what happens. It’s the only way to really honor the spirit, energy and exploration of what that record accomplished. The sound and spirit of these historic albums are going to be there and then some. It’s all gonna be a party!”

Tickets to the 50th anniversary celebrations go on sale today (Oct. 4) at 3 p.m. ET here (Oct. 28) and here (Oct. 29). A portion of the show’s proceeds will go to support the Dead’s longtime charitable efforts in The Rex Foundation.