While simultaneously working with his longtime band Dopapod, guitarist Rob Compa is prepping his debut solo LP, Same Damn Thing.

“When Dopapod wasn’t touring, one of my primary goals was to get more comfortable with writing music,” Compa explains. “It’s funny; Even though Dopapod is our baby, and we’ve written I don’t even know how many original songs, I still always felt like I didn’t know what I even sounded like as a songwriter. Same Damn Thing was partially just an experiment to force myself to make all the writing, arranging, and lyrical decisions on my own. The result was that I finally got a glimpse of my personality as a songwriter. I mostly think of myself as a guitarist first, but I also grew up strumming acoustic guitars and singing. That side of me was still intact even after all these years, and I quickly found that my favorite vehicle for writing music was just to sit on my porch with an acoustic guitar and a notebook.”

According to Compa, the “core rhythm section” of the LP features drummer Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde) and bassist Pat Markley. Turkuaz drummer Michelangelo Carubba is also featured on the LP’s title track.

To record Same Damn Thing, the guitarist teamed up with Jason “Jocko” Randall, who previously worked with Compa as a mixer and engineer on numerous Dopapod studio and live albums.

“It was absolutely essential for me to work with people that I knew would be supportive, have great ideas, and be patient with me figuring all of this out as I went,” Compa adds. “Of course, I needed people who’s playing I loved and who’s sound I could imagine fitting in with my songs.”

And while no official release date is on the calendar, Compa assures fans it will be available for public consumption in the coming weeks.

For updated information visit Compa’s official website.