Third Man Records has announced their newest Vault Package, which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The White Stripes’ self-titled 1999 album with previously unreleased outtakes, alternate takes, live cuts and more.

As Third Man’s announcement notes, the circumstances of the band’s budget recording session in Detroit in ’99 make it surprising that any extra material was left over, but nevertheless Vault Package #42 will include alternate studio takes on songs that appeared on The White Stripes and the following albums, De Stijl and White Blood Cells, like the previously released “Dead Leaves” and “Let’s Build a Home” (which appeared on Vault Package #11 in 2012), plus “I Fought Piranhas,” “Jimmy the Exploder,” “Wasting My Time” and more, plus a previously unreleased cover of the Burt Bacharach-penned “Little Red Book,” which Third Man shared with the announcement:

The upcoming Vault Package, which will be sent to those who subscribe to the Vault by Oct. 31, will also include recordings of multiple Stripes shows from 1999—including one of their opening slots for Pavement that year and a hometown Detroit show that included the band’s first-ever encore—plus a booklet housing photos, lyrics and “anything/everything that, at the time, probably seemed just like garbage, but now, twenty years later, provides all kinds of context and clues into how this odd dyad from Southwest Detroit was well on their way to a path of rock and roll flag-waving.”

More information on the release can be found here.