moe. and Blues Traveler brought their All Roads Runaround Tour featuring G. Love to Boston’s Rockland Trust Pavilion on Friday evening, and the acts continued their parade of covers during the night’s collaborative set.

This time around, the set (which is slotted each night before moe.’s closing performance) kicked off with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s classic “Little Wing” featuring moe.’s Al Schnier and Jim Loughlin and Blues Traveler’s John Popper and Ben Wilson. That was followed up with a rendition of Neil Young’s “Down By the River” with Wilson, his BT bandmate Chan Kinchla and all the members of moe. Later, G. Love joined a collective of Popper, Wilson, Loughlin, BT’s Tad Kinchla and Brendan Hill, and moe.’s Chuck Garvey for a take on The Beatles’ “Come Together” before the set rounded out with The Who’s “Join Together” featuring all the members of both bands and G. Love.

Check out the setlist below as it appears in our Box Scores section. moe., Blues Traveler and G. Love continue the All Roads Runaround Tour tonight in Wallingford, CT.

Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion – Boston, MA

Same Old Story, New Hope For The New Year, Captain America > Crushing > Opium, Y.O.Y. > CalifornIA > Buster

Enc: Jump Around

Collaborative set:
Little Wing*, Down By The River**, G. Love Rap Groove^, Come Together^^, Join Together%

Notes: * w/ Ben Wilson, Al Schnier, Jim Loughlin, John Popper
** w/ all members of moe. & Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla
^ w/ Chuck Garvey, Jim Loughlin, Brendan Hill, Ben Wilson, Tad Kinchla, John Popper
^^ w/ all members of Blues Traveler & G. Love
% w/ all members of moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love