Kicking off their traditional appearance at the Summer Camp Music Festival, Umphrey’s McGee offered a single late-night set at the festival’s Red Barn on Thursday night, performing “Stop” by Jane’s Addiction for the first time in over 18 years.

The band opened with a pairing of “1348” and “2×2,” before diving into a “Comma Later”> “Domino Theory” segment.

Later, drummer Kris Myers took on vocal duties for the Jane’s Addiction tune, which the band jokingly refereed to as “The Bustout” (UM hadn’t performed the tune in 2,251 shows).

“Kris Myers everybody,” guitarist Brendan Bayliss said after the cover. “The hardest working man in show business.”

From there, Umphrey’s McGee closed their late-night set with a stand alone “Dump City” and a “Much Obliged”> “Kula” encore.

Summer Camp Music Festival continues this weekend.

Check out the full setlist below and HD video (via YouTuber shinepigeon) below:

Umphrey’s McGee
May 23, 2019
Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL

1348 > 2×2, Comma Later > Domino Theory, Attachments, Example 1, Stop, Dump City

Enc: Much Obliged > Kula

^ last played 6/9/2000 (2,251 shows)