Bouncing back from their year-plus hiatus, Dopapod have shared a new, cyber-jam track called “Numbers Need Humans.”

In a recent interview with, guitarist Rob Compa was the first to reveal that Dopapod have a new album in the works. Along with “Numbers Need Humans,” the band also announced the new record will be titled Emit Time, continuing their tradition of using palindromes for album titles. (Previous records include MEGAGEM, Never Odd or Even, Redivider
and Drawn Onward as well as live releases like I Saw Dopapod Live, Evil Was I.)

“We just got rough mixes back for the new tunes and I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I kind of got teary-eyed when I heard it,” Compa said of Dopapod’s new output. “Because I still have a band.”

Dopapod will make their return to the stage on April 27 at The Capitol Theatre. Tickets are available here.

Listen to “Numbers Need Humans” below: